Movie inspired slot games you have to check out right away

If movies and fast cash are two things you absolutely love, you should definitely check out some of the movie inspired slot games available. These slots with movie themes have been slowly getting popular and are insanely in demand right now. Gaming developers use themes, characters, scenes and background scores from top movies to create a cinema-like gaming experience that takes the player to a virtual world.

Superhero themed slots 

 Superheroes are admired and loved by kids and adults alike. Superheroes were first introduced as characters in books and right now, they are everywhere. There are multiple slots that are themed around superheros who you idolize. The Dark Knight is a superhero film based on the DC comic character Batman. Both IGT and Microgaming have come up with slots based on this movie series. 

 Playtech has introduced a Thor based slot machine that comes with all top character representations of Thor, Heimdall, Odin, and Loki. Cryptologic is yet another popular company that creates a long list of superhero slots that are exciting and addictive to play. This company has slots themed around Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, and Superman. Yggdrasil’s slot machines build the characters of 6 superheroes. 

 Romantic movie themed slots 

 If you are a hopeless romantic, you will enjoy spinning some of these love and romantic movie themed slots. One of the most popular slots in this list is Dirty Dancing. This 1987 movie is absolutely adorable and the sound tracks are popular even now. The main characters Johnny and Baby appear while spinning and these slots also play the background music of the movie. 

 The Bridesmaid themed slot is a 30-payline machine that is developed by both Microgaming and IGT companies. This machine offers different coin awards for finding each of the six main characters of the movie. There are a lot of bonus features too that will keep you hooked to the game. Sex and the City movie slots are an awesome pick in this romantic themed category. 

 Movies inspiring slot and casino games franchising 

 Franchising is an integral part of the deal when casino software providers decide to create a slot based on a movie or a character. These franchise deals have paved the way for a lot of amazing themes in the slot gaming business. Take for instance the deal between Warner Bros and Playtech. This created a lot of amazing slot games like The Green Lantern, Suicide Squad and Justice League. 

 Another epic licensing that thrilled slot gamers was the one between DC Comics and Cryptologic. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman games from this brand are always in demand in different casinos. Cryptologic also works with Marvel Comics and the crimefighters series of slots including those of Captain America and the X-Men are technologically advanced and graphically rich. All these games come with a lot of bonuses for players too. 

 Choosing the best movie themed slot 

 There are so many options to pick from and all top casino software developers have come with very interesting slots based on your favorite movie. The trick here is to pick the genre you like and then start looking for options. You will love the sound effects and graphics when you spin. Give these slots a try and you will definitely get hooked to them.